Teaching Yoga is my path. I always knew growing up that I wanted to help others through a creative outlet.  What ever it is you need to work on lets do it together. Physically, Spiritually, Mentally. Because you have already found yourself here with me, trust that you are where you need to be. You are on your path.   Click below to sign up for 1 on 1 yoga sessions with SueAnn. Sessions include 1 hour of private instruction with SueAnn either online via Skype or on location.



Teaching in Yoga studios inspires me through the sense of community. I would love to be a part of your Maui yoga studio, & if you find yourself interested in knowing more about me please feel free to reach out. Click the link below to get in touch or read through my teaching philosophy and personal style, and past experience!

My Philosophy & Experience:

My philosophy as a yoga leader is not emphasizing on physically perfecting a pose.

For me, the importance of yoga in a physical sense is to learn how to move freely within our physical bodies.

The liberation of moving as we please is something that we all have but is sometimes hidden behind fears or insecurities.  As a teacher, my style provokes a sense of comfort in our bodies as they are. We are all exactly where we need to be.

I always encourage all levels of students to try and do their best but most important to find where they are comfortable with themselves for that day. I have written articles on free movement as well as incorporate this philosophy into my teachings.

Stemming from my free movement style, I have put together and lead a workshop called “Flow in the Dark.” This class is full of people coming together and completely feeling free to move as they please. The class was lead in the dark to an upbeat musical Vinyasa Flow class in which all of the students were painted with glow in the dark paint.

I have also been consistently teaching children's Yoga classes as a part of after school programs. This is a program I am hugely connected to. It amazes me every time how incredibly receptive the children are. I teach them important life skills as well as fun yoga poses and breathing techniques.

I have studied under multiple teachers including Rina Jakubowicz, Kino McGregor, and Karen & Sean Conley.